PHOTO CHALLENGE: October 7: Bookcase

Remember how I said yesterday that my TBR pile was getting out of control again? Most of my books are in storage apart from a few favourites and … these. My TBR books. I’ve bought more books recently because I am garbage and can’t handle a book-buying ban. But at least now I can see them again. For a while they were tucked away in the top of my cupboard where I couldn’t really feel guilty about the magnitude.

Now I’ve got 108 books to go. Or 118, if you take into account that the Oz books have three books in each volume. That’s a definite increase since my last check-in in May this year, when I had managed to get it under 100 books. (Plus I’ve read four books from the TBR pile since then so the number was up at 122, really.) I REGRET NOTHING PROBABLY A LOT BUT NOT WHEN I HAVE PRETTY NEW BOOKS.

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