LITERARY LOCATION: The Mad Hatters Bookshop on Cambridge Parade in Manly, Queensland

I’ve found it. The most beautiful independent bookstore in Brisbane. I’m making an assumption, of course, because I haven’t visited all the independent bookstores in Brisbane (yet) but when you see pictures of this place I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

I’m talking about The Mad Hatters Bookshop in Manly. Haven’t heard of it? Well, that’s not a surprise because this little beauty only opened its doors at the end of June this year

It had been waiting for me for just over three months, and when I finally stepped inside I was blown away.

There’s a gorgeous display everywhere you look.

I didn’t know what to weep over first so I flitted all over the store, exclaiming every 20 seconds about some other new discovery.

Of course, it’s not all dedicated to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The Mad Hatters Bookshop sells regular books as well. Check out this stunning edition of The Scarlet Letter! I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED.


Cooking is not my forte but this makes me want to COOK ALL THE THINGS.

BOOK BOXES. Book boxes are one of my favourite home décor items but I usually just find ones with nondescript covers at discount stores. These ones? Incredible.

I had no idea Gregory Maguire was releasing an Alice novel! His fractured fairy tales are always fascinating and now I’m keen to read this one!

If you’re mad for colouring in, Mad Hatters has got you covered with great colouring books and equipment. Totally spoilt.

The owner, a big Robin Hobb fan, has made sure to stock some of her personal favourites.

I love the section names on these shelves! The wood, the chalk, the handwriting … it’s all perfect. And I’m a little envious because I know my handwriting could never be that neat.

Okay. Here we go. I’m about to show you my absolute favourite part of this store. Are you ready?

Bilbo’s ready. We’ve got some grass, we’ve got a little log cushion …

A mushroom, and a bit of a clue …


I’m not over it. I’m going to be in love with this store for a very long time. I already want to go back and visit it all over again just so I can hang out in the little reading corner. Stuff the kids, I want to live here.

If you want to visit this majestic bookshop, pop down to Manly and find it inside the 7 Day Markets on Cambridge Parade. Preparations for Halloween were underway when I visited and, from what I hear, we’re in for a treat! Or you can visit The Mad Hatters Bookshop’s website.


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