LITERARY LOCATION: Dymocks on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert Streets, Brisbane, Queensland

Last week, I ventured into Brisbane City to meet Elle from elle.biblio for some bookish adventures. In the CBD, there’s one bookshop that rules all: Dymocks Brisbane.

On the ground floor, you’ll find a stationery haven complete with HOGWARTS HOUSE NOTEBOOKS and wax seal letter sets. I kind of want to abandon technology and just send handwritten letters every day of my life so I can use wax seals. Is anyone else totally obsessed with them?

If your loyalties lie in Westeros instead of Hogwarts, you can also pick one of these bitchin’ Game of Thrones notebooks. If you can figure out which house you love most.

Or just pick a regular diary because these are beautiful.

Stationery is my weakness. Why must this store tempt me so?


That’s it. I’m taking my wax seals and my apothecary candles and going to Hogwarts. See you never.

If you can tear yourself away from the stationery, take the elevator upstairs to where the real magic happens. And work in some light reading on the way up with the quotes lining the wall.

Books! Books everywhere!

Is there such a thing as too many books? Never. Just get stacking.

You know the best thing about Dymocks Brisbane? COVERS. You get to choose which cover you want to buy, rather than putting up with whatever’s on hand at your local shopping centre.

And you can buy MINI BOOKS! These pocket Tolkien books are so adorable I want them all.

I had no idea what this book was about when I first saw it. But that cover made me swoon.

I don’t read a lot of classics but the classics section at a bookshop is one of my favourite places. There are so many beautiful editions of these tales and it’s kind of comforting knowing that there are certain books that will crop up wherever you go.

And Harry Potter. Harry Potter will always be around.

Is this a proper display? Did someone just forget to put all these books away? I don’t care, because it looks amazing.

And now my favourite section of the store:  the YA section. The Selection covers are getting so pretty I think I’m going to cave soon and devour them.

This is just one small part of the YA section at Dymocks Brisbane, but it’s the area where I found my purchase for the day. Elle spotted a lonely copy of Noughts & Crosses and her sales pitch was so brilliant I had to take her up on the recommendation.

If you want to visit Brisbane, make sure you don’t miss their awesome range of events! Visit their website to find out more.


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