UNBOXING: The YA Chronicles Volume 2: Time and Time Again

After absolutely LOVING the first box from The YA Chronicles, I decided to invest in a three-month subscription. Especially since the prompt was Time and Time Again and I had a feeling I knew which new release YA book we would be in for.

I have to say, I was pretty concerned for Allison and Rebecca (the creators of The YA Chronicles). They had a heck of a month with one of their products shipping super late. These boxes were supposed to be shipped out mid-October and end up shipping until the first week of November. For such a new venture, I was really worried that everything would fall apart. But they pulled together an amazing box that was definitely worth the wait.

What’s in the box? The card above gives you a bit of a rundown but you know I’m going to show you anyway so SCROLL AWAY!

Look at this beautiful book! The Next Together fits perfectly with the theme of the box. I’ve heard so much about this book through Tumblr and it was inevitably going to end up on my TBR list. Plus, the box included a special letter from the author, Lauren James, detailing a little bit about her journey in writing this book.

I love that the books from The YA Chronicles have this symbol embossed on the first page. It’s such an adorable personal touch. I’ve wanted to emboss my books for ages and been too worried that I’d mess it up. But seeing how well these turned out makes me want to give it a go.

These teeny little wax melts from Bandles smell divine! I’m terrified I’m going to lose them in my mess of a room at the moment so they are staying safe in their little packet until I use them. Or clean up my room. Or both.

TIME TURNER NECKLACE! I actually already have a Time Turner prop replica but it feels so precious I hardly ever wear it. This one seems a bit more sturdy and built to be worn, so I can see myself using this quite often.

I squealed when I realised what this was. Most people who know me know that I’m a Doctor Who nut and this diary has been on my wish list for AGES. And now I have it! This is amazing. I can’t wait to take more photos with it and my other Doctor Who merchandise.

The Time and Time Again box was EXCELLENT. And the November box is already on sale! The theme will be What Nightmares are Made Of and apparently all the products have already arrived so these boxes will be going out right on the dot! Which means I should have another glorious box from The YA Chronicles with me before the end of the month.

A subscription to The YA Chronicles is only $29.99 a month (shipping will vary but I paid only $9.99). Or you can check out their website for three- or six-month package deals.


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