LITERARY LOCATION: Folio Books on Mary Street in Brisbane, Queensland

I’ve heard of Folio Books in passing but had never stepped inside until my adventure with Elle to various Brisbane bookstores. And now that I’ve seen what this treasure trove holds, I can’t wait to go back.

This was the first book that caught my eye when I walked in, and I knew this was my kind of place. I’m such a sucker for literary locations and it never even occurred to me that Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood might be based on a real place.

If reference books or coffee table books are your thing then Folio Books is the place to be. So many of these would look gorgeous on display in your home. Or mine. I’m not going to say no to having gorgeous books on display in my lounge room.

The books in this store were so beautiful I had to stop myself buying everything in sight.

For me, no trip to a bookstore is complete without stopping by the YA section. There’s not a huge range here but there are enough familiar beauties to make me feel content.

Folio Books has two strengths. One is its adult fiction range, which is filled with some truly beautiful editions.

Like these Neil Gaiman books, which would fit right in with the editions I already own and were nearly impossible to resist.

Their other strength lies in their classics section.

They’ve got everything from simple and stunning Vintage Classics to the mammoth hardbacks that make you weak at the knees.

I don’t think I ever finished reading The Iliad but these editions make me want to pick it up again.

Could there be a more perfect version of Sherlock Holmes than one clothbound in tweed? I don’t think so.

Flowers say a lot more than you think. Well, they do if you know how to speak their language. If not, they’re just pretty. And that’s fine too.

If you need a writing prompt to get those creative juices flowing for NaNoWriMo then this 642 Tiny Things to Write About might just be for you.

There were quite a few books in Folio that came highly recommended. But there was only one that stole my heart.

That’s right. It’s A Guinea Pig Pride and Prejudice. It’s way too adorable to handle and I want to keep it forever.

To learn more about Folio Books and shop their selection online, visit their website!


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