EVENT: Alice in Wonderland 150th Anniversary Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

After the book launch and market games on Sunday, it was time for the main event: the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. We were greeted with a tunnel-like ‘rabbit hole’ and divine little Eat Me cakes to set the tone.

Once inside, we received our gorgeous Drink Me bottles, which I think might have been alcoholic because of the way adults were constantly plucking them out of their kids’ hands. I can’t put my finger on the flavour but it seemed to be a refreshing combination of peach and lime.

Each place setting was unique, with a charming mismatch of cups and saucers and a special greeting reminding us not to get stuffed into a teapot.

The children’s play area was adorable and such a great way to capture the kids’ attention when the sugar buzz was setting in. One little girl was so excited to be able to eat almost everything in sight that her face was covered in different colours every time I looked at her.

I’m pretty sure this edible leaf was the cause of her green-faced stage.

It was hard to sit still when, everywhere you looked, there was some beautiful creative feat waiting to blow your mind.

The theme of roses and playing cards was carried throughout, with cards scattered across the tables and tucked in sugar bowls and empty milk jugs.

Each treat was delicious and just enough to make you crave the next one in line.

It was hard to pick a favourite but I did immediately fall in love with the toadstool meringue and the caramel tart clock. Almost everything was edible, including some of the cutlery.

Even the strawberries and flowers adorning the kids’ area were edible!

Eventually it was time to put the camera away (for a while, anyway) and start tasting the delicious food on offer. I have to admit that I’m not a big tea drinker but the berry concoction was definitely enough to persuade me throughout the afternoon.

It was a truly beautiful occasion, and I’m so glad I got to experience it. This was a perfect way to celebrate the launch of Alice’s Adventures Under Ground and the 150th anniversary of Alice’s publication.


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