GEEK CHIC: November buys

Okay, you guys. I splurged on my geek chic buys in November. In my defence, I’m pretty sure that November went for about three months. So let’s get to it!


When Black Milk Clothing’s Doctor Who collection was released on the 3rd of November, I went a little nuts and bought five pieces. Thankfully for my bank account and unfortunately for me, three of the dresses I purchased weren’t very flattering for my shape so I was able to return them. This Dalek Reversible Skater Dress is the same cut as my other Black Milk dresses, so it was always going to be an awesome addition to my wardrobe.

These Gallifreyan Leggings were the only other thing I kept from my Black Milk order. They feel a bit thinner than other Black Milk leggings I own, but the pattern is far too glorious to pass up.



I’m not usually a watch person but I couldn’t pass up these watches at Lovisa. And they were on sale for only $15! I’ve already talked about my love of maps on here and that totally extends to compasses.

How darling is this Alice in Wonderland watch?! I’m considering replacing the band at some stage but for now let’s just focus on how pretty the face is.



Jay Jays has really been killing it with their licensed tees, lately. And they usually have some awesome deals to boot. The Eleventh Doctor isn’t my favourite but no way in heck was I missing out on a Doctor Who tee from a mainstream retail outlet. That’s just too rare to pass up.

And a Hogwarts muscle tee? Yes, please! This shirt makes me feel like I should have a Quaffle tucked under one arm.



Kmart continues to amaze me with their random awesome shirts (and their homewares, of course). I almost walked right by this shirt and had to backtrack/moonwalk down the aisle to confirm my suspicions: a Mother of Dragons shirt for only $12. SOLD. It’s a perfect match for my Rhaegal Dragon Egg Skater Skirt from Black Milk Clothing. This skirt is no longer available but you can check out their Game of Thrones collection here.



I have been lusting after book-themed soy candles for I don’t even know how long. My friend Rhiain bought me two Form & Flux candles for my birthday and she presented them to me when we met up to see the Mockingjay Part 2 midnight premiere. This Nockturn Alley candle is one of my favourites because GLITTER.

And this Dusty Bookshelf candle is just perfect. They both smell so wonderful! I haven’t lit either of them yet because I feel like it needs to happen on a relaxing afternoon while I’m curled up with a good book. Hopefully that will happen very, very soon because I need to experience these properly.



My friend Liz went to the Brisbane premiere of Mockingjay Part 2 and she was kind enough to bring me back one of the beautiful Mockingjay pins. I have the classic design from the first movie, so it’s a lovely way to bookend the series. I love the detail in this little guy’s feathers.



You might have noticed some common elements to this month’s purchases already. When I’m obsessed with a TV show that’s currently airing I somehow keep stumbling upon outfits for that show. My sister called me up one day to let me know that she had just found a Doctor Who pop-up shop in her local shopping centre in Sydney. She sent me photos of products she thought I might like (basically the entire shop) until I decided on a few pieces. This TARDIS skater skirt is super comfy and SO CUTE I can’t even deal.

And because I am weak, I also had to have this TARDIS print shirt.

And this TARDIS umbrella. It folds up to perfect handbag size, which means it really is bigger on the inside.



Oh boy. I have been in LOVE with this Heart and Solar System dress for months. And I finally bit the bullet and decided to order it because I seriously needed it in my life. It’s a little thinner than I imagined it might be, but the print is to die for. Plus, it has POCKETS.

And since shipping to Australia is a hideous thing, I decided to buy as many things as I wanted in one go and just make the most of it. I fall in love with this Archive Got the Power dress every time I look at it. I get compliments every time I wear it and it was even featured on The Reading Room! This dress also has pockets! Dresses with pockets are the best.

Intent on getting the most out of my international shipping, I trawled through ModCloth for any awesome jewellery and I had to have this Taken with Tomes necklace. It was only a few dollars (80% off!) and it’s a super cute accessory to go with all of my bookish outfits.



I think I kept myself in check pretty well at my first ever Supanova Expo. But I couldn’t resist some great deals on some bookish jewellery. This Ravenclaw diadem necklace was calling out to me on the first night and I kept circling the expo until I ended up buying it.

I’m a sucker for any kind of art on old book pages so there was no resisting these Doctor Who prints.

The Weta Workshop stall was so gorgeous I couldn’t handle it. I restrained myself and just purchased this stunning map of Hobbiton. Mostly because I wanted to cry when I saw how pretty it was.

This bookmark is possibly the cutest thing ever. Lynette Noni, author of Akarnae, handmade  bookmarks, bracelets and some other trinkets to give out at her signings. It was such a kind thing for her to do and it makes the bookmark all the more precious.

This one stall was getting rid of their Doctor Who and Game of Thrones merchandise, which meant that I got three necklaces for just $20. Um, YES. Then it was just a matter of deciding which ones I wanted.

You can’t go wrong with Game of Thrones house emblems, right? The North remembers, guys.

Even if all the Starks look like they’re going to die, fire cannot kill a dragon.

My last purchase at Supanova was this super cute TARDIS necklace. The blue is even more beautiful in real life. It’s an incredibly delicate colour and it almost looks like it could glow in the dark.

And that’s a wrap!  FINALLY! I told you I splurged a little, didn’t I?


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