UNBOXING: The YA Chronicles Volume 4: Celebrate the Season

Okay, I am in love with The YA Chronicles’ latest box. Partly because FAIRY LIGHTS and partly because everything is just amazing.

Plus, it’s perfectly Christmasy without being a punch in the face from a snowman.

(I mean, I know we got some red in the last box but red still means Christmas and this box just made me happy.)

First of all, we get Trick by Natalia Jaster. I’ve honestly never heard of it but look how pretty! The cover design is stunning and the story sounds awesome! My end of year TBR may need a little rejigging now that I have this in my possession.

We also get a super pretty bookmark signed by the author!

I’m sure I will fall in love with these bookmarks from The Woods Avenue even more once I find out who they are but suffice it to say they’re characters from Trick and I want to read it even more to find out all about these cuties.


IS THIS WATERCOLOUR ART NOT BEAUTIFUL? And oh my gosh, I just found out that the shop (DigitalAquamarine) does Land Before Time prints as well. My mind is blown, guys. I want to buy everything ever.

I was seriously considering buying one of these multifandom necklaces at Supanova so I’m really glad that I didn’t. Now I can enjoy this one even more!

Does anyone else just really worry about sticker placement and whether or not it will look any good or whether there will be bubbles? I am going to have to overcome my sticker anxiety and use these things; they’re too pretty to ignore.

Everything in this box is amazing and (as you can probably tell) the fairy lights are one of my favourite aspects because they make everything look so awesome. I can’t wait to use them in future photos!

The January box (Travel the World) is on sale now! A subscription to The YA Chronicles is only $29.99 a month (shipping will vary but I paid only $9.99). Or you can check out their website for three- or six-month package deals.


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