My 2016 Reading Goals + Mini Bookshelf Tour

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s time for some new reading goals and another attempt to tackle my mountainous TBR pile!

Almost two years ago I started a book jar challenge. I wrote the names of every book I own but haven’t read on pieces of paper and resolved to read whichever book I pulled out of the jar. It totally failed. I mean, I did make some progress but I read whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and the book jar has now been abandoned.

So it’s time for a NEW CHALLENGE. However I manage to do it, I want to conquer my TBR pile. It recently rocketed up to 125 books, which is definitely not a feasible yearly goal for me at this stage. But I want to make a significant dent.

For my 2016 Reading Challenge on Goodreads, I want to read 70 books. If I stick (mostly) to my TBR pile, that could take out over half of the books. This is being super optimistic right now because I’m going to get so distracted but LET’S PRETEND that I’m not going to keep buying books. Except for the fact that not 16 hours into the year I had already purchased a new book.

I know, I’m weak.

In conjunction with my Goodreads challenge, I’ll be taking inspriation from Popsugar’s Ultimate Reading Challenge for 2016. Now, my TBR pile doesn’t have one book for each of those categories so I’m not going to be too strict about it. If I get overwhelmed or if I fall into a reading slump, I’ll have a look at this list and see if one of the prompts can help me choose what to read next. Oh, gosh. I am absolutely not overwhelmed already. There are so many great books in my TBR pile that I’m looking forward to reading. I CAN DO THIS.

To procrastinate help me on my quest, I reorganised my bookshelves. A lot of the books I own are in storage so this is mostly TBR, some books I read in 2015, and a few books I didn’t want to part with for an extended period.

Like my Harry Potter series. I obviously can’t put my babies in storage. That would be ridiculous.

Here lies the classics corner (one of them, anyway). I should probably return this mug to my sister at some point. Probably.

My love for Taylor Swift is common knowledge around the office so, as part of my Secret Santa present, I got a picture with my head pasted over Selena Gomez’s. People thought I was joking when I said that I loved it. I was not. This picture has pride of place on my shelves right now.

Over on the TBR side of my shelves, Bilbo is ready to stab me if I stray too far from my goals.

I’ve read the These Broken Stars and Shadows (the first in these two series) but I think I might need a bit of a refresher. If the first books are anything to go by, these will all be quick and enjoyable reads so I’m hoping to finish them off quite early in the year.

I finally have my print from Bookworm Boutique framed and exactly where it should be. LOOK HOW PRETTY!

Narnia, I’m coming for you very soon! That beast is seven books in one so I’m looking forward to knocking it out and feeling like a god.

There you have it! I have made GOALS and put them IN WRITING so (theoretically) I can be held accountable for my triumphs or failures. You can check out my progress throughout the year here on the blog (duh), as well as on Instagram and Goodreads. What goals have you made for 2016? Has anyone else already resorted to sitting on the floor, looking up at their TBR piles and hoping they can magically absorb the books by staring at them long enough?


11 thoughts on “My 2016 Reading Goals + Mini Bookshelf Tour

    • AWWWWW, thank you! That’s so lovely of you! I can’t wait to get the rest of my babies out of storage so I can see exactly how my little library has progressed! (Probably too far and I definitely don’t have enough shelf space but I wouldn’t mind living in a cave of books.)

  1. These pictures of your bookshelves have just made me add another thing to my to do list for January: buy fairylights and put them around my bookcase because that just looks AWESOME. I love it!
    Good luck with your goals! 70 books seems doable! My goal is to read 50 books, because that’s what I managed to do in 2015. Who knows, maybe I’ll read more this year!

    • Fairy lights are the BEST! I got these from the December YA Chronicles box and I’ve been using them as much as possible. Totally in love! I read 75 books last year but for most of 2015 I was working fewer days and had heaps more time to read. Hopefully I can still achieve it! Good luck with your goals as well!

    • A TBR pile with 12 books is like my DREAM! Hopefully one day I can get down to that number! I feel like only a few years ago I would’ve struggled to get through that many. I think I read 53 in 2014? And that felt like a mammoth effort. I hope I’m not pushing it too much with 70 books this year!

      • Well, you have to dream big, right? Even if you don’t read 70, you will still read a lot! It’s a win-win situation anyway! Good luck though, I’m sure you can do it!

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