UNBOXING: The Bookish Box: Cozy Up & Read

Last week, I received my third and final rep package from Appraising Pages and The Bookish Box. I’d seen pictures of December’s Cozy Up & Read box all over Instagram and had already fallen in love with all of the products from afar. But I was not prepared for how beautiful it would all be in person.

The December box was,  of course, Christmas-themed. My Christmas tree was way past due to be dismantled so I had to move quickly to get a shot of this gorgeous ornament from Novel Adornment. One day I’d love to do an entire bookish Christmas tree with heaps of ornaments just like this.

I know these items from Hello World Paper Co. are technically gift tags but is it bad that I want to keep them all to myself? They’re just so pretty I couldn’t handle parting with them.

With the Christmas stuff out of the way, we move onto the awesome year-’round beauties, like this shirt from Appraising Pages. This Stephen King quote is one of my favourites; the shirt fits well and the design has more elements than I initially realised, with cool light swirls underneath the text. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this shirt.

This mug from Coffee Reading Writing is SO adorable. I’m really not a coffee or tea drinker (no matter how my sister tries to persuade me) but I can’t wait for cooler weather to indulge in hot chocolates. Or maybe I should just use it as a pencil holder so I can stare at it on a daily basis?

I’m honestly not sure if I’ll ever use this hand-knitted coffee cozy from Comfy Cozy Scarf for its intended purpose but once again, HOT CHOCOLATE. Either way, I’m totally feeling the Carpe Librum vibe.

You can subscribe to The Bookish Box starting from $29.99 USD a month (plus postage and handling), with plenty of extras available to customise each box.


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