UNBOXING: Fandom of the Month Club: Death Eaters

My first Fandom of the Month Club box FINALLY arrived last week! It took longer to travel from Sydney to Brisbane than to travel halfway across the world, but it was definitely worth the wait!

I stayed well away from any spoilers on Instagram, squealing and shutting my eyes if I caught the tiniest glimpse of the box’s contents, which made it all the more exciting when I got to open the box for myself.

This Horcrux charm bracelet is a little hard to take photos of, but it’s awesome, if a little big for my teeny tiny wrists. I love the detail on each of the charms, from the initials on Tom Riddle’s diary through to the ridges on the snake charm.

These Dark Mark earrings are super cute and perfect for a Harry Potter-themed outfit. Or for any outfit, really, since they could just be badass SNAKE AND SKULL earrings to those not in the know.

This is, by far, my FAVOURITE item in the box and I got so excited about this clever idea. I have an old compact mirror that I hardly ever use but this Azkaban-inspired one is suddenly essential to my existence and must be carried around wherever I go.

All in all, this was a great theme for my first Fandom of the Month Club box. I got a three-month subscription for Christmas and I’m already looking forward to the next two boxes.

You can subscribe to Fandom of the Month Club for just $13 USD a month (plus postage and handling). Every monthly box has a surprise theme with up to four handpicked fandom-inspired jewellery items.


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