UNBOXING: The YA Chronicles Volume 6: Rebel With a Cause

This box is chock-a-block with amazing, swoon-worthy products and one of the prettiest books I’ve seen in my life!


First of all, I need to read The Lunar Chronicles, like, yesterday. I’m looking at these ingredients and I have no idea how this tea from Literary Tea Co. will actually taste but I imagine it’ll be something like badass fairytale robots, which is all I know about Cinder.

GET THIS ON MY FACE. Chocolate lip balm? Yes. Divergent-inspired chocolate lip balm from From the Page? DOUBLE YES. (Also, I forgot how beautiful the Divergent cover is.)

This print from Behind the Pages is stunning. I love how distressed the design is. Perfect Hunger Games-inspired look.

Look how happy all these cuties are! Like nothing bad has ever happened to them/they’re maniacally excited about exacting vengeance. I love them. I need more products from The Sticker Alley in my life, especially some of the adorable magnetic bookmarks.

What does one do with buttons? I mean, I could pin them on something. But I also kind of like to put them in a box and sometimes sift through them like a weird old rich person sifting through treasures. That’s weird, isn’t it? It’s weird.

So instead, let’s get weird about this COVER! I want to marry it for its texture and shininess. I also want to read it but I’m not fussy about the order in which these things occur.

The March box (Made in Australia) is on sale now! A subscription to The YA Chronicles is only $29.99 a month (shipping will vary but I paid only $9.99). Or you can check out their website for three- or six-month package deals.


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