UNBOXING: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

GUESS WHAT? I’ve added a new subscription service to my staggering list because I have a severe case of Iwanttotryeverythingitis. Doctors have said that this disease will soon spread to my bank account and could prove fatal. Until then, meet the first ever NERDY POST!

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

This subscription service was started by Alexis Lampley, aka Drop and Give Me Nerdy. All items were created by her, because she’s just that good. She’s a little graphic design wizard. Just look at her first ever package! It’s Hogwarts themed and it is GORGEOUS.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

We were all made prefects. Because we’re awesome. And I quite like that this is in Ravenclaw colours because that just makes my life.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

You get to share in the arty fun with a Nerdy postcard that you can COLOUR IN. I will eventually do this but I also have that fear of colouring in and hating what I do? Kind of like when you were younger and you wanted to put a sticker somewhere but it was just so much pressure because what if it was crooked and your whole life was ruined? I’ll get over it. It’s too cute not to colour.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

Speaking of sticker anxiety, there’s THIS ONE! (I did not stick it on this box set. It’s just hanging out there.) I’ve seen quite a few people pop this sticker on their laptops, though, and it looks fricking awesome. So that might be where mine goes as well!

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

Next, there’s a glorious double-sided bookmark with one of my favourite spells on it! On one side it reads Lumos and on the other…

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

… Nox. But you knew that was coming because you’re one smart cookie. And I’m absolutely using this bookmark in my Harry Potter reread.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

This little notepad is just… I just… I can’t. It’s too cute. And it matches PERFECTLY with the quill pen I got from an OwlCrate box a few months back.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

Last but not least, the pièce de résistance: the Hogwarts crest made up ENTIRELY OF SPELLS. (And curses and jinxes and everything but MAGIC WORDS, YOU GUYS.) Those badges are all from Hungry Designs, by the way. In case you were distracted by their beauty. They’re hiding a little bit of damage that occurred during shipping but it’s nothing that a frame won’t cover. And Nerdy Post has already switched to poster tubes to prevent damage for future dispatches.

Unboxing: Nerdy Post: Hogwarts

NO MORE DISTRACTIONS! Look at it up close and marvel at all the intricate detail that went into each and every word. My favourite bits are where the colours mesh together. Just look at Expelliarmus. IS THAT NOT GLORIOUS?!

The next Nerdy Post is Game of Thrones-themed and it’s about to be shipped out! But you can sign up for the August package, which is Doctor Who-themed. A one-month subscription to Nerdy Post is  $21 (USD) per month, with $7 international shipping. Three- and six-month packages are currently in the works.


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