Join me for my August book photo challenge!


Welcome to my August book photo challenge! Join me on Instagram for a fun month of book photography, or play along here on WordPress or on Tumblr or Bloglovin’! Just let me know which platform you’re on so I can come and stalk your pictures 🙂

Want to know more about the prompts? Everything is explained here. Just remember, these explanations are for inspiration or guidance. You can interpret any of the prompts however you choose.

  1. Curse: Many of us will have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in our hot little hands and let’s be real, I will be flailing all over the place. Not interested in Harry Potter? Post a photo about a curse or any other spell from a book, or your favourite character who seriously needs a swear jar.
  2. Work: Get to know everyone with a little insight into how they spend their day. Whether you’re working, studying or doing something else that makes you happy, tell us all about it!
  3. Badass: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Badass characters or authors that you can’t get enough of.
  4. Treasure: Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. Post about a book that you treasure or go all out and make it rain with some dollar-dollar bills, y’all.
  5. Liquid: This could be your favourite drink, some kind of body of water (lake, ocean, pond, bath, etc.) or it could be something weird and wonderful. You do you.
  6. Fire: I am not actually suggesting you set things on fire, let’s get that straight. But there are some pretty  books with fire on the cover/in the title and I’m a straight-up book candle addict so no prizes for guessing what I’ll be doing.
  7.  Mismatched: THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE! Mismatched book editions! (Not actually the bane of my existence but I’m in a dramatic mood.)
  8. Number: The number of books you have, the X book on your shelf, your top five something… the choice is yours!
  9. Flowers: I’m such a sucker for flowers and this is my sneaky way of getting more of them in my life.
  10. Paranormal: Ghosts and angels and aliens, oh my!
  11. Pocket: Itty-bitty books. Or an actual pocket with… stuff… in it. I feel like I didn’t think this one through properly before I set it but YOLO.
  12. Map: MAPS ARE THE BEST. I love them. Whether you want to use a world map, a globe or a map from your favourite series, I’m gonna love it.
  13. Wings: I’ll be flying to England on this day so I had wings on my mind. Birds, angels and other winged things are also more than welcome!
  14. Dystopian: Your favourite dystopian story. Not sure what a dystopian novel is? Here’s the Wikipedia article so you can learn all about it. It also has heaps of examples of novels in there!
  15. Contemporary: Contemporary novels are basically books that take place in the real world. Think The Fault in Our Stars, Anna and the French Kiss, Fangirl, Looking for Alibrandi, etc.
  16. Grew on Me: It’s not always love at first sight. This could be an ugly-ish cover that you’ve grown fond of, or a character that you didn’t like at first.
  17. Freebie: You can do whatever you want with this! It’s your chance to share something that’s not covered in any of the other prompts.
  18. Countdown: What are you looking forward to? How long before it happens?
  19. Play: I’ll be in England, seeing the second half of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play. I AM SO EXCITED. I will probably be posting about that, but there are heaps of plays out there for you to choose from. Shakespeare… more Shakespeare… just kidding. You could also post about an instrument or sport you enjoy, or a musical if you’re not a fan of straight theatre!
  20. Flashback: This could be a flashback scene in a book that you enjoyed, or a flashback to something that happened in your life that you’d like to share.
  21. See: This is part of a series of prompts about the senses. It could be what you see when you look up, or a pretty cover of a book
  22. Hear: This is part of a series of prompts about the senses. It could be an important overheard speech in a book, a musical element or even an audio book.
  23. Touch: This is part of a series of prompts about the senses. It could be something that touched you emotionally or a fun cover with a physical element.
  24. Smell: This is part of a series of prompts about the senses. Do you love the smell of book pages? What about a candle that you love, or the smell of your favourite meal being cooked?
  25. Taste: This is part of a series of prompts about the senses. It could be something that suits your literary tastes (your favourite genre, etc.) or it could be taken literally to talk about food you enjoy while reading or a dish from a book that you’d love to taste. Cook books are also welcome for this one!
  26. Tower: This could end very badly but try, if you can, to make a tower out of books. Step away quickly if it starts to sway and remember that hardbacks have way more structural integrity than paperbacks.
  27. Goal: A reading goal or a personal goal.
  28. Colour: Colourful books never get old! Show off your favourite colour, create a book rainbow or post about a colouring book that you own! It doesn’t have to be bright and bubbly; dark and moody is also very welcome.
  29. Type: Your favourite type of book, a favourite font or actual typing on a keyboard or typewriter.
  30. Trilogy: There are so many great trilogies out there. Post about your favourite! Or post about why you hate trilogies. This could go either way!
  31. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?

There we have it! I hope you can join me for the #AmpersandAug16 challenge! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!


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