UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

Since my next Illumcirate is on its way to me, I figured I should finally post my extremely tardy unboxing. I got this box just before I left for a month-long holiday and when I got back, I… I was lazy. Let’s be real.

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

This was my first ever Illumicrate and it was BEAUTIFUL. This is a quarterly box and it was jam-packed with goodies, including two books!

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

First, we have the book EVERYONE has raved about—NEVERNIGHT by Jay Kristoff! And it’s a hardback because of course it is. Just look how stunning the freaking cover design is?! A signed bookplate, art card and bookmark came in the box, and there’s also a special video from the author available for view through an included link.

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

The second book is a paperback of The Graces by Laure Eve. I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this story so it’s going to stay on my TBR for a while longer but that cover is just too gorgeous to deny. And it came with a signed bookplate, temporary tattoos and a letter from the author!

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

Next, we have exclusive coasters from Taratjah Art (check out their Society6 store!). I am honestly so in love with these designs because we have both the classic depiction of Harry, Ron and Hermione, and a design of them as older humans. Everything is beautiful. I may have shed a tear or two while staring at these. Don’t look at me. Also, Tara is behind some of my faaaaaaavourite A Court of Thorns and Roses art!

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

This Drink Me strawberry tea is an exclusive from Post Tea which smells LOVELY.

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls lately so this exclusive In Omnia Paratus tote bag from Colorful Geekiness is perfection.

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

These colouring quotes from Ashley Poston are the last of the official items in the box, and theyr’re inspired by Six of Crows. 

UNBOXING: Illumicrate August 2016

And JUST BECAUSE, there is some beautiful artwork inspired by the works of Pierce Brown.

Want to know more about Illumicrate? Click here!


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