Join me for my December book photo challenge!

Join me for my December book photo challenge!

Welcome to my December book photo challenge! Join me on Instagram for a fun month of book photography, or play along here on WordPress or on Tumblr or Bloglovin’! Just let me know which platform you’re on so I can come and stalk your pictures 🙂

Want to know more about the prompts? Everything is explained here. Just remember, these explanations are for inspiration or guidance. You can interpret any of the prompts however you choose.

  1. Red: Let’s kick December off with some festive colours! This also ties in to World AIDS Day so bonus points for red ribbons!
  2. Green: More fun colours because I LOVE IT.
  3. Gold: Treasure? Gold books? Whatever makes you happy.
  4. Margin: Manda (aka ladybookmad on Tumblr and Instagram) is holding a December reading challenge aimed at promoting authors who wouldn’t normally get the recognition they deserve. Read more about it here and share some of your favourite books by marginalised authors.
  5. List: Make the list, check it twice. Is it a grocery list? A list of errands? A list of presents you’d love to receive? Up to you.
  6. Brew: Something cosy for everyone enjoying winter, something cool for those melting in summer, or a potion you brewed with your magical powers when the Muggles weren’t looking.
  7. Bake: I will love you forever if you send me baked goods.
  8. Imagine: It’s been 36 years since John Lennon was shot, but we can still imagine and dream. Talk about a book or an event that captured your imagination.
  9. Decorate: Whether you’re decorating your entire house or just your bookshelves, show it off!
  10. Socks: There’s nothing like a Saturday of socks to kick off your weekend.
  11. CandleRemember your loved ones on Worldwide Candle-Lighting Day by lighting a candle for one hour, starting at 7pm local time.
  12. Stripe: Get ready for some patterns!
  13. Merry: Something that makes you happy.
  14. Bright: Bright colours or some sunlight to lighten up your photo.
  15. White: Clean-cut and glorious.
  16. Regency: Celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday with a journey to the past.
  17. Tree: Real trees, fake  tees and family trees.
  18. Shelfie: Get your bookshelves smiling for a photo.
  19. Store: Your favourite bookshop or other store.
  20. Sugar: Real or imagined, it helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.
  21. Short: Little characters, little books. It’s Short Story Day!
  22. Break: Are you having any time off over the next few weeks? How will you be spending your break?
  23. Stack: Stack up your books and take a photo!
  24. Before: A look into the past, or the night before a big event. Hmmmm, I wonder what that could be.
  25. Celebrate: Not everyone celebrates Christmas but we can all celebrate having a day off if we’re lucky enough to experience it. What are you celebrating this month?
  26. Box: If you don’t celebrate Boxing Day, talk about something that ticks all the boxes for you.
  27. Lost: On this day, 112 years ago, the Peter Pan play opened in London. Lost boys are welcome! So are photos of books that confused the heck out of you and childhood favourites that you haven’t seen in years.
  28. Summer: If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, spare a thought for the part of the world that’s currently melting.
  29. Winter: If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, spare a thought of the part of the world that gets to sing Christmas carols about winter and have them actually be relevant.
  30. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?
  31. Count: The countdown is on to the New Year! How will you be spending it? Feel free to count up all the books you’ve read this year!

There we have it! I hope you can join me for the #AmpersandDec16 challenge! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!


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