UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

OwlCrate, you gotta stop. I can’t deal with having a new favourite box every month. IT’S TOO MUCH! Just kidding. I love it. And in the November OwlCrate, there were TWO books included! This is the first one, with a gorgeous Risa Rodil design from Rock Paper Books.

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

The November theme was Wonderland, and I am basically d-e-d DED from all the excitement. I bought some lemon tarts for this photo and every time I think about the book of the month, or about those tarts, I start salivating. So delicious.

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

I ADORE Authored Adornments! I seriously spend hours trawling through the pages of their Etsy store and I can never make up my damn mind because there are so many beautiful things to choose from. This bookmark with an excerpt from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is just perfect.

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

I think I’ve mentioned before that peppermint tea is my favourite, but this Wonderland Elixir Tea from Riddle’s Tea Shoppe/Adagio Teas smelt so damn good I couldn’t even deal. The flavour will take some getting used to but I can definitely see myself enjoying a nice cup of this in the future.

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

Evie Bookish does it again with a gorgeous magnet design! Her work blows me away every time. The magnet is an iconic image of Alice trying to deal with one of the croquet flamingos, along with the quote ‘Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.’

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

The book of the month was (surprise!) Heartless by Marissa Meyer. This is actually my third copy of the book, since I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Pan Macmillan and an Australian paperback edition from The YA Chronicles. But this edition is extra-special because of the hardback goodness and the fact that this cover is unique to OwlCrate! That’s such a ridiculously cool idea for a subscription box and I hope they’re able to do more of this in the future!

UNBOXING: OwlCrate: Wonderland

Plus, just look how good this book looks when it’s naked. Wooooooooowwwww. You can’t really see it in the picture but the diamonds have a metallic sheen to them which is even more stunning in person. 10/10 would marry this book.

A monthly OwlCrate subscription is just $29.99 USD per box (plus shipping) and you can also get three- and six-month subscriptions!


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