It’s just a little touch: Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact review

It's just a little touch: Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact review

Please be aware that this review contains some mild spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

I absolutely loved Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club when I read it last year, but for some reason I kept putting off reading its sequel. Partly because it’s an incredibly large book and partly because it’s historical fiction and I need to be in a very specific mood for that.

Well, I was stupid and I want to apologise for Past Sarah’s behaviour.

As big as this book is, once I sat down and dedicated a fair amount of time to reading, I managed to race through it.

Dark Days Pact was every bit as mesmerising as its predecessor and Alison Goodman is the example against which all authors of historical fiction should be measured.

I love the way Goodman weaves fantastic tales in and around real historical figures and facts. Her boundless enthusiasm for getting details exactly right created a world that felt real and tangible. Every time I had to take a break, I was disappointed to find myself in a world where Reclaimers and Deceivers don’t exist.

It's just a little touch: Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact review

One of my favourite aspects of this book was the slow burn of the romance. In Regency Era England, propriety is everything and the slightest touch of a hand on someone’s arm is worthy of a blush. It’s a refreshing change from the easier physicality of modern romances, but just as effective.

The romance isn’t the only thing driving the story; at times, I even forgot about it entirely as Helen came into her own as a Reclaimer. Even when I unravelled one piece of a mystery, there was always a twist waiting around the corner.

I’ve been recommending the Lady Helen series to anyone looking for great historical fiction, and I’m going to be even more adamant about it now that I’ve read Dark Days Pact. 

Rating: ★★★★½

I was provided with a copy of this book by HarperCollins Australia in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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