Join me for my August 2017 book photo challenge!

Join me for my August 2017 book photo challenge!

Join me on Instagram for a fun month of book photography! Want to know more about the prompts? Everything is explained here. Just remember, these explanations are for inspiration or guidance. You can interpret any of the prompts however you choose.

This month’s challenge is inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones!) but you do NOT have to take photos of those books if you don’t want to. These prompts can be applied to any other book, series or character you like so just have fun and let them inspire your creativity.

  1. Throne: Celebrate the 21st anniversary to A Game of Thrones! Or celebrate another regal book or character.
  2. Map: Everyone loves a good map! Share your favourites..
  3. Glass: Dragon glass, drinking glass, stained glass, looking glass… whatever you like.
  4. Feast: Food, glorious food! Create a delicious photo.
  5. Rose: Whether you’re growing strong like the Tyrells or just a fancy of flowers, work roses into your picture.
  6. N: Books, characters or authors starting with the letter N.
  7. Wild: Go wild with a photo of your own choosing!
  8. Wedding: It’s the 17th anniversary of the publication of A Storm of Swords! There were a couple of really important weddings in this book but you could feature a wedding from another book, or talk about two fictional worlds you’d like to combine.
  9. Belief: Which of the gods from A Song of Ice and Fire would you believe in? OR, what’s one book you believe everyone should read?
  10. Wall: Create a wall of books!
  11. Coin: Your favourite fictional currency.
  12. Family: Your favourite family of Westeros, or another fictional family.
  13. O: Books, characters or authors starting with the letter O.
  14. Win: When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. Who do you think will win? OR what makes you classify a book as a winner?
  15. Die: Try not to get too spoilery with this one, but talk about the most devastating character death(s) you’ve ever encountered.
  16. Whisper: We can’t all be a Master of Whisperers like Varys, but you’ve probably heard of an awesome book that you’d like to read soon. Tell us about it!
  17. Ship: Your favourite character pairing.
  18. Ice: Cold or frosty characters.
  19. Fire: A book that you’re passionate about loving or hating.
  20. Library: Stop! Shelfie time!
  21. Wings: Dark wings, dark words. Or dragon wings. Or characters with wings.
  22. Words: Your favourite quotes.
  23. Row: Gendry has been rowing for bloody years now so I feel like he deserves a prompt. Or, y’know, you could just take a picture of a row of books.
  24. Mother: Fictional mothers.
  25. Dragons: DRAGONS. Honestly, need I say more?
  26. Brave: A brave character you admire.
  27. P: Books, characters or authors starting with the letter P.
  28. Know: By now the series finale should have happened. Based on what you know, what do you think will happen next season?
  29. Winter: Winter is coming. Or going, depending what hemisphere you’re in. Take a cosy picture.
  30. Claws: A snarky character.
  31. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?

I hope you can join me for the #AmpersandAug17 challenge! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!


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