Sing a song of flowers: The Song Rising review

Sing a song of flowers: The Song Rising review

Please be aware that this review contains some spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

OKAY. So The Song Rising is definitely my favourite of The Bone Season series so far. Almost all the things I’ve been on the fence about have improved in this book.

Paige is finally easy (or easier) to connect with. She’s always more empathetic in dialogue, and spending more time in a group gives Paige the opportunity to shine while she’s being comforted and while she’s comforting others.

Overall, this book felt more polished than the first two—there were far fewer errors peppered throughout, and tighter edits to eliminate repetition.

Although a lot happens in this book, it never feels like the events are being set up as a way to work in more world-building. It’s not necessarily the most interesting plot but the events do all seem necessary and they build naturally from each other.

Sing a song of flowers: The Song Rising review

I think I’ve given up on seeing Warden as this attractive and swoon-worthy figure that others seem to describe him as. I understand his impassive nature, I know there’s more going on beneath the surface but he’s honestly so uninteresting to me that I’d rather see him as Paige’s friend or acquaintance than the romantic lead.

Based on the way The Song Rising ended and the fact that there are still four books to go, it’s pretty clear the story is obviously going to keep expanding and I’m looking forward to that; most YA reads focus on small-scale revolutions so it’ll be refreshing to see this play out on a global scale.

Rating: ★★★½


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