Join me for my December 2017 book photo challenge!

Join me for my December 2017 book photo challenge!

Join me on Instagram for a fun month of book photography!

This month I’m taking inspiration from the holiday season and looking back on the book of 2017. Just remember, the explanations provided below are just for inspiration or guidance; you can interpret any of the prompts however you choose.

  1. Red: Today is World AIDS Day! Share some red books and/or a red ribbon to show your support for those living with HIV and AIDS, and to commemorate those who have died.
  2. Season: ’tis the season for … stuff. We’ll be heading into summer in Australia. What season is it where you live?
  3. Decorate: How do you decorate your bookshelves?
  4. Choice: What’s your favourite book you’ve read this year?
  5. Disney: It’s Walt Disney’s birthday! Celebrate with your favourite fairy tales, or with books that give you feel-good Disney vibes.
  6. Snow: Books set in winter.
  7. Song: Do you listen to any music while you’re reading or writing?
  8. Series: What’s the best series you’ve read or started this year?
  9. Stack: Get your #stacksaturday on!
  10. Light: It’s Worldwide Candle Lighting Day! What are you burning?
  11. Fantasy: Your favourite fantasy read of this year.
  12. Twelve: Twelve books, twelve series, twelve … something. Whatever you like!
  13. Tree: Christmas trees, regular trees, or make a tree out of books!
  14. Contemporary: Your favourite contemporary read of this year.
  15. Ribbon: Accessorise with ribbons for today’s photo!
  16. Ardently: It’s Jane Austen’s birthday! Share a photo of your favourite love story.
  17. Y: Books, characters or authors starting with the letter Y.
  18. Map: It’s #mapmonday! Share your favourite bookish maps.
  19. Stripes: Create a stripe pattern with some colourful book spines.
  20. Show: What’s your favourite TV show or movie based on a book?
  21. Short: It’s Short Story Day! What’s your favourite short story anthology?
  22. Originality: What’s the most original world-building you’ve ever experienced?
  23. Unlikeable: Annoying or unlikeable characters.
  24. Z: Books, characters or authors starting with the letter Z.
  25. Celebrate: Are you celebrating Christmas, or just enjoying a day off?
  26. Box: Subscription boxes and box sets.
  27. Release: Your favourite new-release book of the year.
  28. Author: Your favourite author of the year.
  29. Golden: Gold books.
  30. Pack: What do you always pack when you go on holiday?
  31. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?

I hope you can join me for the #AmpersandDec17 challenge! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!


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