Can’t buy love: All the Money in the World review

Can't buy love: All the Money in the World review

Please be aware that this review contains some spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

After the Kevin Spacey assault allegations, everyone was waiting with baited breath to see how All the Money in the World played out on-screen. I’m happy to say that it was still a great movie, and all the work that the cast and crew put into reshooting paid off.

Christopher Plummer is perfect as the shady J. Paul Getty, his character looming large even in the scenes where he wasn’t present. He and Michelle Williams undoubtedly deserve their Golden Globe nominations for this film.

The characters were truly the making of All the Money in the World. I didn’t know anything about the real-life events, but based on the premise and the way it was advertised, I was expecting something with a bit more urgency and anxious energy attached to it. But for the most part, everything felt very methodical and considered, even during the most climactic scenes.

Even so, I was fascinated by the relationships and circumstances, and couldn’t bring myself to look away.

Considering the circumstances, this is an incredible feat of filming, and I’d recommend it to anyone.



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