Join me for my April 2018 book photo challenge!

Join me for my April 2018 book photo challenge!

Welcome to my April photo challenge! This year, all my monthly challenges will be going under the hashtag #Ampersand2018, though I’ll be creating prompts for each month as usual.

I’ve given ideas for each prompt below, but you can interpret them however you choose! Don’t forget to check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge!

  1. Egg: IT’S EASTER. GET YOUR CHOCOLATE ON. Or dragon eggs. Or any kind of eggs. Or egg someone on. Just make it egg-cellent.
  2. Tale: Celebrate Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday with your favourite fairytale or fairytale retelling.
  3. Delicate: Books you’ve read so often they’re falling apart
  4. Poetry: It’s National Poetry Month in the US, and it’s Maya Angelou’s birthday. You can create some #bookspinepoetry, or feature your favourite poetry book.
  5. Burn: Light up some bookish candles!
  6. Pattern: Pick out a pattern in storytelling, in covers, or create one of your own with a #bookchevron.
  7. Myth: Werewolves, phoenixes, vampires, basilisks, etc.
  8. Shelves: Stop, drop, and shelfie!
  9. Wanderlust: Which bookish setting would you most like to visit?
  10. Pin: Enamel pins, buttons, or a book you put down and would love to come back to (put a pin in it).
  11. Sleeve: A protective book sleeve or dust jacket, or an author/character who always has something up their sleeve.
  12. Backlist: Books on your shelves/TBR published before 2017.
  13. Spell: Magic spells, or hard-to-spell character names.
  14. Deadline: One more day for Aussies to submit their stories to Underdog, the short story project I’m part of! Don’t miss the deadline! For everyone else, talk about how you’re going with your goals for the year.
  15. Predict: Books with the best foreshadowing.
  16. Carry: The bookish must-haves you keep with you at all times.
  17. Mix: Your favourite books from various genres.
  18. Heritage: A book related to your family’s heritage, or in a historical setting that interests you.
  19. Format: A book told in an interesting format (think The Illuminae Files) or your favourite reading format (ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks).
  20. Pillow: Get cosy with your favourite bookish pillows.
  21. Accessory: Your favourite bookish accessories!
  22. Socks: It’s #SockSunday! Set up a photo with our favourite socks.
  23. Classic: It’s officially World Book Day AND William Shakespeare’s birthday and death day. Phew. Show off your favourite classics.
  24. Four: The fourth book in a series.
  25. Remember: It’s Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand. Remember some fallen heroes.
  26. Release: A new release you’re excited to read.
  27. Freebie: This is your chance to tell me what you want to see in future photo challenges! Take a photo of anything you like, whether it’s an underrated book, your favourite series, your Funko collection, book boyfriends and girlfriends, whatever.
  28. Spines: Take a photo of your favourite book spines!
  29. Shine: Metallic books, bright books, or characters and storylines that shine.
  30. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?

I hope you can join me for #Ampersand2018! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!

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