Join me for my May 2018 book photo challenge!

Welcome to my May photo challenge! This year, all my monthly challenges will be going under the hashtag #Ampersand2018, though I’ll be creating prompts for each month as usual.

I’ve given ideas for each prompt below, but you can interpret them however you choose! Don’t forget to check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge!

  1. Stars: Sci-fi reads, quotes about stars (I’m looking at you, Sarah J. Maas fans), starry covers, or what your star ratings mean on reviews.
  2. Battle: It’s the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, so put your wands up and remember your favourite characters! Not a Harry Potter fan? Pick another book with an epic battle scene.
  3. Throwback: Some of your favourite reads from before 2018, or the books that got you into reading.
  4. Force: May the Fourth be with you. Show off some Star Wars love, or talk about a book you’ve been forced to read for school/by friends, or a book you’re trying to get others to read.
  5. Five: The fifth book in a series, or your latest five-star read.
  6. Shelfie: Sundays are for shelfies!
  7. Map: It’s #mapmonday! Maps of real or fictional places are welcome!
  8. Mate: Your favourite platonic relationships. Or you can go for the whole soulmate thing. Up to you!
  9. Free: Dobby is a free elf! Take a photo of anything you like on this day!
  10. Wings: Winged characters, covers with wings, etc.
  11. Ready: What books and other challenges are you ready to tackle this month?
  12. #LoveOzYA: It’s time for the Love YA festival in Brisbane, where we’ll be celebrating Australian YA authors and readers. Who are some of your favourite Aussie authors? Check out these lists for some inspiration if you’re unsure: 1, 2, 3.
  13. Decorative: Show us how you decorate your shelves, or focus on some of the prettiest books you own.
  14. Sky: Take a photo outside, or choose some blue, white, and/or yellow books to photograph!
  15. Accomplish: Tell everyone what you’re really proud of accomplishing.
  16. Current: Your current read!
  17. Treat: It’s World Baking Day! Make some goodies yourself, or talk about some tasty treats in books!
  18. Snug: Bookshelves that are running out of room, a snug setting on your bed, or plenty of blankets to cosy up to!
  19. Peeve: Bookish pet peeves. Changing covers mid-series? Books of different heights? What gets you riled up?
  20. Series: Your favourite series, or one you’d like to try.
  21. Scale: Sort your books from biggest to smallest, or talk about creatures with scales. Dragons! Mermaids! Basilisks! Big fish! Whatever floats your boat.
  22. Mystery: It’s Sherlock Holmes Day! What’s your favourite mystery, or a book that’s kept you guessing?
  23. Blue: Celebrate the #booksnotbullies movement with some blue books!
  24. Shade: Your favourite shade, or a shady character.
  25. Retelling: What are some of your favourite fairytale retellings? Here’s a list to jog your memory.
  26. Monster: It’s Dracula Day! What are some of your favourite fictional monsters?
  27. Support: Share some love for your favourite supporting characters.
  28. World: What’s your favourite fictional world?
  29. Inside: Cool endpages, chapter art, or other designs in your favourite books.
  30. Check: Books you want to check out, books you’ve checked off your TBR, etc.
  31. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?

I hope you can join me for #Ampersand2018! Let me know that you’re participating by commenting/reblogging so I can check out your photos!

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