Join me for my October 2018 book photo challenge!

Welcome to my October photo challenge! This year, all my monthly Instagram challenges will be going under the hashtag #Ampersand2018, though I’ll be creating prompts for each month as usual.

I’ve given ideas for each prompt below, but you can interpret them however you choose! Don’t forget to check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge!

  1. Cosy: Books in a cosy setting/books that make you feel warm inside.
  2. Double: Celebrate the release of Muse of Nightmares with a photo of your favourite duologies.
  3. Poetry: Create some #bookspinepoetry.
  4. Magic: Your favourite magic system or magical world.
  5. Place: Your favourite place to read, or how you mark your place in a book.
  6. Mad: It’s Mad Hatter Day! Create a photo inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  7. Return: DOCTOR WHO IS FINALLY BACK AND I HAVE NO CHILL. Your favourite character reunions/returns (from the dead, from a long journey, after a fight, etc.)
  8. Web: Step into my web—a book/series you always recommend.
  9. Subscribe: Your favourite subscription boxes/blogs/podcasts/TV shows/books.
  10. Mind: Feature some books with a mental health focus for World Mental Health Day.
  11. Faces: Books with faces on the cover. Some people love it, some people hate it but there are PLENTY to choose from.
  12. Cracked: Cracked book spines.
  13. Superstition: Do you believe in any superstitions? Do you have your own bookish superstitions?
  14. Shelfie: A picture of your bookshelves.
  15. Fly: Flying sports, flying characters, flying vehicles.
  16. Orange: Orange books!
  17. Familiar: A book cover/plot that reminds you of another book cover/plot. Or incorporate your pets into a photo.
  18. Ancient: The oldest books you own/the books that have been on your TBR for the longest time.
  19. Boo: A book that scared you.
  20. Reluctant: A genre/book you know you WILL read, but that you’re in no hurry to get to.
  21. Legend: Books based on legends or myths.
  22. Cart: Your latest haul (shopping cart) or your TBR cart if you’re in the TBR cart club.
  23. Fae: Kingdom of Ash is finally here! I haven’t even read Empire of Storms but I know a bunch of you are excited for this, so you get a special fae prompt to celebrate.
  24. Danger: An action-packed book, or a book you’ve accidentally damaged in some way (spilt food, dropped in the bath, etc.).
  25. Illustrate: It’s International Artists Day! Post a photo with some of your favourite official or unofficial (fan art) illustrations of bookish characters.
  26. Transform: A character who changes throughout the book, either physically or emotionally.
  27. Chill: If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, you might be getting rugged up by now. If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere with me, you’re probably sweltering. Post a photo that’s inspired by the chill in the air, or a photo of your perfect lazy day/way to relax.
  28. Thrill: Thriller books!
  29. Leaves: Falling leaves, or a nature-inspired photo.
  30. Wrap-up: What books did you read this month?
  31. #trickortreat: Costumes, sweets, scary books, etc.

I hope you can join me for #Ampersand2018 on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your posts so I can check out your photos!

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