Join me for my October 2019 book photo challenge!

Join me for my #AmpersandOct19 photo challenge!

My #AmpersandOct19 photo challenge is here! For those who are new here, welcome. And for those who’ve participated in any of my previous challenges, welcome back!

This month’s theme is SPOOKY STUFF. Very official-sounding, I know. AGAIN, this is themed. If you want to be very literal about it, you can choose the prompts on the left (fortune teller, ghost, labyrinth, etc.). If you want a regular bookstagram challenge, choose the prompts on the right (TBR, on your shelf longest, auto-buy author, etc.). Or do a mixture! I’m not here to police your fun.

Remember, you can interpret the prompts however you choose. If you’re inspired by something else, go for it! You can also check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me via Instagram. And now for the prompts:

  1. Fortune teller: TBR: What books are you planning on reading this month?
  2. Ghost: On your shelf longest: Unread or read, which book has been in your collection for the longest?
  3. Labyrinth: Auto-buy author: Once you step into the maze, it’s hard to find your way out. Which author do you always look forward to reading?
  4. Spells: Addictive reads: I put a spell on you … and now you’re up at 3am on a work/school night and mildly regretting your choices.
  5. Vampire: Kinda sucked: Books that you really didn’t connect with. Or plot points. Or characters. Anything that kinda sucked. A NOTE, THOUGH: if you’re going to talk about something you dislike, don’t tag the author of the book in the post. That’s unkind.
  6. Mad Hatter Day: Play your cards right and set up a Wonderland-themed post! Not a fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? Choose any other fandom and create a post inspired by that.
  7. Tombstone: Best dedications: Pick out your favourite dedications. Here are some examples.
  8. Witch: Books with magic: ALL magic. ANY magic.
  9. Siren: Book that’s calling your name: A book you’re really keen to read.
  10. World Mental Health Day: Feature some books with mental health themes to help break the stigma. Here are some examples.
  11. Doppelgänger: Similar covers: Books by different authors that still have similar covers. Here are some examples.
  12. Familiar: Magical creatures/pets: Feature your pets! Talk about magical creatures/pets you love! BRING ME ANIMALS.
  13. Haunted: Gave you the creeps: You know the one. That character/book/plot point that makes your skin crawl.
  14. Kraken: Sea of books: Bring those books out to create a #seaofbooks!
  15. Hellhound: Bookish candles: Feature your bookish candles! Don’t have any? Feature some kind of light, like fairy lights, natural light/shadows in your post.
  16. Summon: #waitingonwednesday: An upcoming release you’re excited for.
  17. Werewolves: Cover changes: It happens to everyone at some stage. The cover gods change their minds and RUIN THE LOOK OF A SERIES. Or maybe make it better but definitely destroy the uniformity.
  18. Zombie: Came back to it: A book you had to revisit because you weren’t in the mood the first time. Or a book you keep wanting to reread.
  19. Chills: Currently reading: Super simple! Whichever book you’re reading on the date of this prompt or when you take this photo (if you’re taking photos ahead of time).
  20. Thrills: Fast-paced books: Books that get your heart racing.
  21. Masks: Dust jackets: Dust jackets on? Dust jackets off? Whichever you like! Don’t have a hardcover book? Feature some of your favourite covers of any book instead.
  22. Double, double: Duologies: Here are some examples.
  23. Superstition: Reading habits: How/when/where do you read? Is there something you always need with you? Do tell!
  24. Drop bear: Plot twists: Something that made you go, “WAIT, WHAT?!”
  25. Banshee: Saddest ending: Or saddest character death. But try to avoid spoilers if it’s a recent book.
  26. Loch Ness: Book you don’t feature: Books you love but don’t feature nearly enough.
  27. Gargoyle: Bad cover, great book: They’re ugly but we still love them.
  28. Portal: First book in a series: Any first book in any series!
  29. Web: Book recommendations: Recommend some of your favourite underrated books.
  30. Mummy: Wrap-up: How did your reading go this month?
  31. Trick or treat: Go all-out for Halloween if you like, OR you can have free rein and do absolutely anything you want for this prompt. That is your treat.

I hope you can join me for #AmpersandOct19 on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your posts so I can check out your photos!

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