Join me for my December 2019 book photo challenge!

Join me for my #AmpersandDec19 photo challenge!

My #AmpersandDec19 photo challenge is here! For those who are new here, welcome. And for those who’ve participated in any of my previous challenges, welcome back!

This month’s challenge is chill, but not in the “it’s Christmas in the snow, grab a jumper” way. Because I live in Australia and it will be the start of summer. It will be chillllllll because it’s the end of the calendar year, people are busy, etc. and also because I think it’s a nice way to wrap up your reading year.

Remember, you can interpret the prompts however you choose. If you’re inspired by something else, go for it! You can also check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me via Instagram. And now for the prompts:

  1. TBR: What books are you planning to read this month?
  2. Red, gold and green: Take a photo with these colours!
  3. Diversity: It’s International Day of People with Disability. Take a photo that focuses on characters with physical or intellectual disabilities. Here’s a Goodreads list for some inspiration. 
  4. Favourite debut of 2019: Your favourite debut novel that you’ve READ this year. It doesn’t have to be published this year.
  5. Reading spot: Your favourite place to curl up and read.
  6. Adaptations: Your favourite book-to-film or book-to-TV or book-to-web series (*cough cough* Nevernight comes out this week *cough cough*) adaptation.
  7. Biggest read of the year: The physically biggest book you’ve read this year, OR the book that had the biggest impact on your reading.
  8. #SockSunday: Get those socks out for a photo!
  9. Tree: Christmas tree? Normal tree? Book stack that looks like a tree? I’m not gonna police what kind of tree you want to photograph.
  10. Tropes: Your favourite or least favourite tropes.
  11. Favourite author of 2019: Your favourite author that you’ve read this year.
  12. Home: A book that reminds you of home.
  13. Surprise ratings: Books that surprised you—whether you expected to like them and didn’t, or expected to hate them and loved them.
  14. #CurrentlyReading: The book you’re reading either at the time you take this photo or on this particular day.
  15. Then and now: How your Instagram has changed over time, OR a book that you’ve changed your opinion about.
  16. #MugMonday: Get your bookish (or non-bookish) mugs out for a photo!
  17. Favourite series of 2019: Your favourite series you’ve read this year.
  18. Recreate your favourite photo: Recreate the photo of yours that you’ve enjoyed the most this year.
  19. Tradition: Family holiday traditions or reading traditions.
  20. #FandomFriday: Showcase your favourite fandom!
  21. Favourite genre of 2019: The genre you’ve enjoyed the most this year.
  22. #ShelfieSunday: Take a photo of your bookshelves!
  23. Holiday reads: Your favourite books to read when you’re on holidays/vacation.
  24. Favourite book covers: Your favourite book covers/cover design traits.
  25. Celebrate: If you’re not celebrating Christmas, tell us what else you’ve celebrated recently! A milestone? Achieving a personal goal? Eating an entire bag of chips? Not eating an entire bag of chips? ANYTHING GOES!
  26. Favourite reads of 2019: Your top reads from this year.
  27. Will you meet your goals? The year’s almost over! Will you be able to meet your reading/personal goals before the end of 2019?
  28. #StackSaturday: Stack up some books for a photo.
  29. Last-minute: The last book(s) you’re reading in 2019.
  30. Haul: Any books you’ve bought/received this month.
  31. Wrap-up: How did your reading go this month/this YEAR?

I hope you can join me for #AmpersandDec19 on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your posts so I can check out your photos!

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