MOVIE REVIEW | Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey poster

Image source: IMDb

I had hopes for Birds of Prey. Not high hopes, because I have a history of being underwhelmed by DC movies, but HOPES.

And the film did not disappoint.

You don’t need to have watched every single DC movie for this one to make sense—sinure, there are quick references to previous instalments but this movie can stand on its own. And, for the most part, the characters are all new to the DC Extended Universe.

The movie is choppy and frantic and fast-paced, and while those things might be frustrating for some, I found them endearing when complemented by Harley/Margot Robbie’s narration. It felt like listening to a friend tell a story, complete with all the pit-stops and tangents before reaching the conclusion.

Like in Justice League, it took forever for the core team to come together and fight as one. Unlike in Justice League, the characters had their own satisfying stories throughout the film that meant I was already interested in each character by the time they joined forces.

I took my brother to the preview, as he’s the DC expert in my family, and he applauded Ewan McGregor’s portrayal of Black Mask, Chris Messina’s Zsasz, and a number of other comic book references. There was also a bloke in the aisle across from us who was obviously delighted by the film, clapping his hands excitedly at the opening of every Black Mask scene.

While Wonder Woman leads in my estimation of recent DC action movies, Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey managed to eclipse Shazam! on the action/comedy list.

Score: ★★★★½

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