Join me for my March 2020 book photo challenge!

Join me for my #AmpersandMarch20 photo challenge!

My #AmpersandMarch20 photo challenge is here! For those who are new here, welcome. And for those who’ve participated in any of my previous challenges, welcome back!

Remember, you can interpret the prompts however you choose. If you’re inspired by something else, go for it! You can also check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me via Instagram. And now for the prompts:

  1. TBR: What are your reading plans for March?
  2. Childhood: Celebrate Dr Seuss Day and Old Stuff Day by sharing some of your favourite childhood memories of books/reading.
  3. New release: What 2020 releases are you excited for?
  4. #BookAndNature: Take your book outside for something different. If the weather’s not great where you are, or if you feel too self-conscious venturing outside for a photo, focus on books with nature on the cover.
  5. Favourite book(s): Celebrate World Book Day by sharing some of your favourite books. I won’t be cruel and ask you to pick just one.
  6. Fell asleep here: For this one, you could feature books on your bedside table, books on your bed, or a bookmark that keeps your place when it’s time to close your eyes.
  7. #StackSaturday: Stack up those books for a photo!
  8. Fierce females: Celebrate International Women’s Day by featuring some fierce female characters or authors.
  9. #MapMonday: Feature a book with a map.
  10. Cover changes: Book designs that have changed partway through a series. If you don’t have any of these in your collection, focus on some of your favourite or least favourite editions.
  11. Project: What are you working on other than bookstagram and reading? Is there a school/work/writing project that you’re excited about? Have you recently learnt a new skill?
  12. Wasn’t expecting that: A plot twist you didn’t see coming, or a book that you were surprised to like/dislike.
  13. Third book, third page, third line: Grab the third book from your shelf/pile, flip to the third page, and focus on the third line. Create a picture around what’s mentioned there, or simply take a photo with the book open to that section.
  14. #BookAndFood: It’s Pi Day! Feature some food in your shot, or feature a book with food on the cover/as a focus in the story.
  15. Unwind: Reading, baking, endless naps, exercise—how do you like to relax?
  16. #CurrentlyReading: The book you’re reading on this day, or on the day you take this photo.
  17. Green books: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day by featuring some green books.
  18. Milestones: We’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year. How are your reading/personal goals going? Have you hit any minor milestones yet?
  19. Love triangle: Love ’em or hate ’em, love triangles are a frequent plot device. Feature some of your favourite/least favourite ones.
  20. Hufflepuff Pride Day: Show off your Hufflepuff pride! If you’re not a Hufflepuff, feature some yellow books or books with kind/loyal characters.
  21. Slytherin Pride Day: Show off your Slytherin pride! If you’re not a Slytherin, feature some green books or books with cunning/ambitious characters.
  22. Gryffindor Pride Day: Show off your Gryffindor pride! If you’re not a Gryffindor, feature some red books or books with brave characters
  23. Ravenclaw Pride Day: Show off your Ravenclaw pride! If you’re not a Ravenclaw, feature some blue books or books with wise/witty characters.
  24. Favourite quote: Feature one of your favourite quotes.
  25. Epic fantasy: Celebrate Tolkien Reading Day by highlighting some epic fantasy books. If you’re not a fan of that genre, feature books with strong friendship groups.
  26. Three stars: Books that you liked, but didn’t love.
  27. Lucky: Books or events that make you feel lucky.
  28. Still thinking about it: A book that you haven’t been able to stop thinking about.
  29. Required reading: A book that you had to study for school/that feels like a necessary read in the bookstagram community (e.g. popular books like Harry Potter, The Raven Cycle, The Shadowhunters Chronicles, etc.)
  30. Trilogy: Your favourite trilogy.
  31. Wrap-up: How was your reading this month?

I hope you can join me for #AmpersandMarch20 on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your posts so I can check out your photos!

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