Join me for my April 2020 book photo challenge!

Join me for my #AmpersandApril20 photo challenge!

My #AmpersandApril20 photo challenge is here! For those who are new here, welcome. And for those who’ve participated in any of my previous challenges, welcome back!

This month, I’m focusing on two things: first, the O.W.Ls/Magical Readathon, hosted by G from Book Roast. There are also prompts this month to encourage self-care, comfort and support for people who are self-isolating due to the current pandemic. With this in mind, I think all prompts are accessible to book-lovers even if they are not participating in the readathon or self-isolating.

Remember, you can interpret the prompts however you choose. If you’re inspired by something else, go for it! You can also check out my tips for conquering a book photo challenge here. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or message me via Instagram. And now for the prompts:

  1. TBR: What are your reading plans for April? This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Divination prompt: Third eye | Assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your read.
  2. Contemporary: Feature a contemporary novel. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Muggle Studies prompt: Book from a perspective of a muggle (contemporary).
  3. Create: A fictional creation you love—it could be world-building, or a food or drink you’d love to try, or it could be a creation of your own like a recipe, or other bookish merch.
  4. Fourth book on your shelf: Grab the fourth book on your shelf and post a photo of it.
  5. #ShelfieSunday: Show off your shelf/shelves/stacks of books.
  6. History: A book you have history with (a favourite childhood read, a book you associate with an important memory, etc.), or even just a historical fiction book. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls History of Magic prompt: Witch hunts | Book featuring witches/wizards.
  7. Self-care: Apart from reading, what do you do to take care of your physical and mental health? It could be as simple as taking a walk, talking a long bath, or curling up with a movie.
  8. Home: A book that makes you feel at home, or a part of your own home that you love (e.g. where you like to read, etc.)
  9. #SeaOfBooks: Create your own sea of books (examples here). This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Defence Against the Dark Arts prompt: Grindylows | Book set at the sea/coast.
  10. Underrated reads: Recommend some books that you think deserve more love.
  11. Change: Cover changes, or a change in your reading tastes, etc. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Transfiguration prompt: Animagus lecture | Book/series that includes shape-shifting.
  12. Comfort reads: Books that you turn to when you’re feeling down or in a reading slump.
  13. Yellow books: Brighten up your feed with a splash of yellow.
  14. Shortest book you own: The smallest book you own, or the shortest depending your preference. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Potions prompt: Shrinking Solution | Book under 150 pages.
  15. Illustrations: Celebrate World Art Day by sharing some of your favourite book illustrations and/or fan art.
  16. Symbol: Metaphors, symbols of leadership/resistance (e.g. the mockingjay in The Hunger Games) or symbols such as runes (think vikings and Shadowhunters). This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Ancient Runes prompt: Heart rune | Heart on the cover or in the title.
  17. Poetry: Celebrate Poetry Month by featuring some books with poetry.
  18. Oldest book you own: Celebrate World Heritage Day with some of the oldest books you own.
  19. Nature: Share some nature appreciation if you can, or post a photo of a book that deals with nature/has nature on the cover. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Herbology prompt: Mimbulus mimbletonia | Title starts with an M.
  20. #CoverLove: Share some of your favourite covers.
  21. Creature feature: Focus on bookish pets/animals, or feature your own pets if you have any. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Care of Magical Creatures prompt: Hippogriffs | Creature with a beak on the cover.
  22. Warm: Books that give you the warm and fuzzies/make you feel good.
  23. Read past my bedtime: Take a photo of books on your nightstand/in your bed/wherever you read at night. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Astronomy prompt: Night classes | Read majority of this book when it’s dark outside.
  24. Four stars: Books you’ve rated four stars.
  25. #SmallBusinessSaturday: Share some love for small bookish businesses by posting photos with their merch or giving them a shoutout.
  26. Light it up: Take a photo of some light, bright books. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Charms prompt: Lumos Maxima | White cover.
  27. #CurrentlyReading: The book you’re reading on this day, or on the day you take this photo.
  28. On the back burner: Books that you intend to return to but aren’t in the mood for right now (“They’ve been put on the back burner.”)
  29. Outside your comfort zone: A genre that you don’t usually read. This prompt can also be tied to the O.W.Ls Arithmancy prompt: Magical qualities of number 2 | Balance/opposites: read something outside your favourite genre.
  30. Wrap-up: How was your reading this month?

I hope you can join me for #AmpersandApril20 on Instagram! Don’t forget to use the hashtag in your posts so I can check out your photos!

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