Emma movie poster

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Emma is either my favourite or second-favourite Jane Austen book (there’s a constant battle between it and Northanger Abbey), and after watching the trailer I wasn’t sure what to make of this new iteration. It didn’t particularly excite me, and I was so in love with the Romola Garai mini-series that I thought it would surely fall short.

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MOVIE REVIEW | Little Women

Little Women movie poster

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2019 was a year of Little Women love for me. My sister was in a production of the musical in Sydney, and I flew down twice to see the show three times. SOBS GALORE because I absolutely adore this story. So when I was contacted with the opportunity to attend a special preview screening, there was a tiny bit of screaming on my part.

There have been so many Little Women adaptations recently, and I was prepared for a run-of-the-mill look at the story and characters I’d come to adore. But Greta Gerwig’s vision brought something new and fresh to the classic, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for weeks.

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BOOK REVIEW | Weapon (Whisper #2) by Lynette Noni

After escaping Lengard and finding sanctuary with the Remnants, Alyssa Scott is desperate to save those she left behind ─ and the rest of the world ─ from the power-hungry scientist, Kendall Vanik. But secrets and lies block her at every turn, and soon Lyss is left questioning everything she has ever believed.

When long-lost memories begin to surface and the mysteries of her past continue to grow, Lyss battles to retain her hard-won control. Allies become enemies and enemies become allies, leaving her certain about only two things: when it comes to Speakers, nothing is ever as it seems… and the only person she can trust is herself.

BOOK REVIEW | Weapon (Whisper #2) by Lynette Noni

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MOVIE REVIEW | Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)

Image: IMDb

My brother has been a big fan of Godzilla for most of his life. When we were living in the Solomon Islands as kids, there was one video rental store (which I’m pretty sure just had pirated movies) and a lot of its catalogue was comprised of old black-and-white Godzilla films. So when I received an invite for the media preview of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, I decided to take Matthew along because I am a GOOD SISTER.

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Aladdin (Official 2019 Film Poster).png

Image: Wikipedia

Disney seems committed to creating live-action counterparts of all its most iconic movies. Some have floundered, creating overly long and detailed subplots in attempts to bring unnecessary depth to children’s stories. Others have worked well, with some sparing modern updates to the classic stories that further the characters’ developments in a way that seems authentic and believable.

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