Paint the Town Read

You are in a corridor lined with doors. Each one leads to a different place, real or imagined. Which one do you choose?

When we read, we are transported into places both real and imagined. Travel gives us the opportunity to explore some of those places, to walk where characters have walked, to see the world around us in a new and exciting light.


IMG_4190The basic premise of Paint the Town Read is this:

1. Pick a book.

2. Go to a place where that book was set or (if it was adapted for cinema or TV) filmed.

3. Take a photo of the book at that place.

4. Get excited when you imagine that you are right where those characters have walked.


Read more about the origins here.

See more Paint the Town Read posts here.


Are you going on an awesome trip or do you live in an awesome place? Tag your photos with #caapaintthetownread so others can live vicariously through you and be insanely jealous.


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