Rating System


This book blew my mind. I want to have its babies, tell the world how amazing it is, and probably gift it to my friends for birthdays/Christmas until I can talk about it with everyone around me.


I liked this book! It was an enjoyable read and I connected with the characters, writing, and/or plot. I would reread this book and definitely recommend it to a friend. This is probably going to be a common rating from me.


I enjoyed this book. It was an easy and pleasant read but it didn’t wow me.


This book was not for me. It may be amazing to other people and I may have even enjoyed some parts but I just couldn’t connect with it overall.


I did not enjoy this book at all. I couldn’t connect to the characters and/or plot and the structure of the book as a whole needed work. If a book scored this low I probably forced myself to finish it just so I could have an informed opinion on why I disliked it.