Teen Wolf recaps

Teen Wolf is one of those shows you start watching for the man candy/humour until you suddenly find yourself with an OTP and you’re invested in it and sobbing about how it was just supposed to be a stupid show with werewolves. I love it.

Season 1 recaps

Season 2 recaps 

Season 3A recaps 

Season 3B recaps 

Season 4 recaps

Season 5 recaps

4 thoughts on “Teen Wolf recaps

  1. A shame you stopped writing. I was a great fan of your recaps. I’m from india and english is my second language and your recaps are more than helpful for me. I searched frantically through internet but can’t find anything as humorous and wholesome as yours. Thank you so much for everything.

  2. Awww, You stopped recaps at S5 of TeenW. I really loved yours they always made me laugh and were so relatable 😀 thanks for providing me and others with a great time of recaps

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