Season 5

Please note:  Because of my work schedule and other factors, I barely have time to watch Teen Wolf, let alone have a recap posted within a few days of it airing. Recaps will be posted when time permits.

5×01: Creatures of the Night

5×02: Parasomnia (coming soon)

5×03: Dreamcatchers (coming soon)

5×04: Condition Terminal (coming soon)

5×05: A Novel Approach (coming soon)

5×06: Required Reading (coming soon)

5×07: Strange Frequencies (coming soon)

5×08: Ouroboros (coming soon)

5×09: Lies of Omission (coming soon)

5×10: Status Asthmaticus (coming soon)

5×11: The Last Chimera (coming soon)

5×12: Damnatio Memoriae (coming soon)