Tips for conquering a book photo challenge

ALL RIGHT! I get questions about these things allllllll the time on Instagram so I decided it was best to just write a post about it. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to leave a comment/message me and I may add to the post down the line.

What the hell is a Hufflepuff photo challenge?

There are a few different formats, but mostly people post a set of prompts at the beginning of each month, and people take photos based on the prompts. E.g. wall = post a photo of a wall. Bookish photo challenges are exactly like that, only they’re centred more around books. E.g. wall = post a photo of a book on a wall/a wall made out of books.

How my photo challenge tiles have changed

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BEHIND THE SCENES: How I #Bookstagram

I’ve had quite a few people contact me recently asking for feedback on their accounts. Everyone’s account is different and I know that my method won’t work for everyone, so I don’t really feel comfortable giving individual feedback.

But if you WANT to know more about how I approach #Bookstagram, here’s my method!

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