I want to marry the Beauty and the Beast live action movie and you can’t stop me: a review

On Friday, March 3, I was lucky enough to view a special preview screening of the Beauty and the Beast live action film. We’re talking stars aligning here and my faith being restored in all humanity—that kind of lucky.

Anyway. I was so freaking worried about this movie because how can something possibly live up to expectations you’ve had in your head for your whole damn life? Beauty and the Beast was released the year I was born so for once I’m actually not being dramatic.

I want to marry the Beauty and the Beast live action movie and you can’t stop me: a review

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Foray with Freeks: A Review

Foray with Freeks: A Review

Please be aware that this review contains some mild spoilers. Do not continue reading unless you are fine with being spoiled. 

When Pan Macmillan first contacted me about a review copy of Freeks, I had no idea who Amanda Hocking was, or that she had sold millions of books. I just said yes because the book sounded cool.

I’ve always been fascinated by carnivals  and circuses, and this book drops you right in the middle of the action, with one small difference: some of the members of the travelling show really do have supernatural powers.

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Finding Wonders in Verse: A Review

Finding Wonders in Verse: A Review

This review does not contain spoilers.

I received Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science in the December box from The YA Chronicles. The first thing that caught my attention was the ridiculously beautiful cover design.

I knew that the book of the month was going to be written in verse and that made me a bit nervous because, as far as I can remember, I’ve never read a book entirely in verse before. I didn’t even know what to expect.

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